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Who are we

Supersapiens Devlab Private Limited is a privately owned and managed company based in Pune. We work to solve world problems with the help of trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Blockchain. We at the Supersapiens believe that creativity is the ability to do new things while innovation defines how you do it and we are trying to bring real-time solutions which suit your business needs.

As we have provided business solutions to mobile Service Providers, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Developers, Education Institutes, Electric Charging Stations & Multinational IT Firms we can consult you better to solve your revenue-management problems as well. We have a good clientele base in various fields both domestic and international. Our expert technical team is capable enough to solve any technical issues and the management team is ready to organize the projects optimally and cost-effectively.


OUR objective

Our crystal clear objective focuses on the most innovative ways to solve the problems that can help the majority of the community. Our out-of-the-box thinking makes our solutions more practical and cost-effective which allows our team to make it open for everyone in this innovative world. Supersapien’s strictly solution-oriented mindset helps everyone to develop applications and find extraordinary growth in every industry. As time flies, it is very important to make sure how you can solve the business problems efficiently and how you keep yourself completely different from the others. So we at Supersapiens are continuously working to solve your problems and to grow from all angles in all industries.

As we keep a customer-centric approach, our every action brings positive change and a sense of happiness among our customers. Our team is passionately working hard to satisfy our customer needs in almost every field. Everyone’s future depends upon whatever innovation we are trying to create at this moment, so we need to be aware of which problems we are trying to solve on priority and what kind of other problems will be generated from that innovation as a byproduct during this process of automation. We have the experts to guide the customers on the overall impact we will have if we implement the solution and how we need to solve other problems which customers may have not thought of. Our main ambition is to make this world happier by solving our clientele and indirectly our social problems and technically strong to tackle with all life problems. As we are living in the nation with the highest number of youth power, the only thing we need to do is to channelize youth energy to make this world more attractive and efficient to live in.


During the unpredicted calamity which the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the world, we were working at the ground levels for providing students from Colleges & Institutes in the Pune region with free training on various technologies, a series of online guidance & mentorship programs were also organized for Diploma & under-graduate students.

● Internships & Experience in industrial technologies were also handed out to students. We have MOUs signed with multiple educational institutes in Pune for providing improved infrastructure and organizing guest lectures & training to their students for the upcoming academic years.

● During this period we have planned to bring ease & improvement to online examinations & live classes for students.

● We have been developing our online learning & education platform which can provide students with live & offline videos for training in any sector ranging from Designing, Animation, Programming, Science, Mathematics, IoT, Automation, Astronomy, Agriculture, etc